If you are having problems with tooth decay it is probably your diet that is at fault.  In addition, it is not only what you eat and drink but the way you eat and drink it.  We are all aware that sugar, cakes and sweets are bad for our teeth but there are many other less obvious foods which can also cause decay.

Tooth decay occurs when we eat and drink incorrect foods but the risk of decay increases if we eat them frequently.  This means opening a packet of sweets and eating one every few minutes throughout the day will cause more decay than if we eat the whole packet all at once.  Just half a tea spoon of sugar in hot drinks throughout the day still creates an increased risk of decay.  It is recommend that food or drink which is likely to cause tooth decay is eaten straight after main meals.  This cuts down the amount of times food is eaten which will result in less decay.  There are no safe snacks in between meals!  Milk or still water are the only safe drinks.

Diet soft drinks are also extremely acidic and even though they do not contain sugar, they are just as harmful as the regular fizzy drink.  Even natural fruit juice and cordials consumed frequently can be extremely harmful! So beware.