Routine examination £32
Routine child examination from £12
New patient assessment £40
X-rays £10 each
Study models from £30
Oral hygiene treatment
Scale & polish from £43
Child scale & polish from £30
Fillings  from £100
White fillings from £130
Inlays – gold or composite from £500
Crowns and veneers
Porcelain bonded to metal crown from £450
Metal free crowns from £600
Gold metal crown from £450
Veneers from £600
Porcelain bonded to metal bridge per unit from £475
Adhesive bridge per unit from £180
Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment front tooth from £275
Root canal treatment premolar tooth from £350
Root canal treatment molar tooth from £450
Extractions and surgery
Extractions – simple from £120
Surgical extraction from £175
Single full acrylic denture from £625
Partial acrylic denture from £550
Single full chrome denture from £1030
Partial chrome denture from £980
Initial assessment FREE
Invisalign lite from £2000
Invisalign full from £4000
Invisalign Vivera retainers £350
Tooth whitening
Tooth whitening home kit from £300
Mouth guards 
Night guard – soft £90
Occlusal guard for bruxism £220
Sports guard £100
Emergency call out from £200