At first, I was a nervous wreck at first but by the end of my treatment, my confidence was back. Dr Woo has done a very good job.
Mrs Janet T • Retired • Wallington

My dental surgeon, Dr Rita Woo has just completed my Invisalign treatment. I am delighted with the result. The process was carefully explained and I have nothing but praise for Dr Woo, for her consideration and professionalism. At no time, have I felt uninformed or uncomfortable. I look forward to her continuing to look after my dental health.
Chris • Teacher • Surrey

Dr Rita Woo has been my dentist for 7 years and I have been very happy with her treatment.
Jane • Nurse • Croydon

The numbing gel is milder and sweeter, come to dentistry by Rita.
Gina  • Civil Servant • London

When you teeth are rotted through, get them yanked out by Dr Rita Woo!!!
Dan • IT programmer • Northampton