A wonderful dentist who makes the patient truly relax. It is a pleasure coming here for treatment.

Jean • Retired

Dr Woo is great at treating my teeth. It is always painless and done very efficiently and quickly and I have always been very happy with the treatment. I would recommend her very highly.

Kay • Retired

Very happy with the calm working practice and the painless, efficient treatment.

Rita • Teacher

Dr Woo is a very professional, kind and caring dentist. I am very pleased with the care and attention, she has shown over the past series of treatments. I thoroughly recommend this dental practice. All the assistant staff are also extremely helpful.

Valerie  • Retired

I have been highly appreciative of the care delivered by Dr Woo and her team. Considering myself as a nervous patient, I was put at ease by the team and would highly recommend Dr Woo and team.

Thank you

Michael • IT Consultant

Great care and friendly service – as usual

Brian • Retired

I would highly recommend Woodcote Dental Practice. The staff are friendly, caring and very professional.

Ajay • Analyst

Excellent, very efficient, very surprised how pain free and quick the treatment was. Obviously not going to say looking forward to coming back but will not be fearful. Also not forgetting the very helpful and lovely receptionist Nikki.

Kevin • Teacher

As usual, much attention to detail (helpful), very methodical and checking. A good run through on what I should do, plus a very good listed-handout. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to use your dental service.

Geoffrey • Gardener 

I have been coming to Woodcote Dental Practice for a number of years. I trust Dr Woo 100% with all my dental needs. I came to her, as was told I needed root canal treatment but when she looked at my tooth, it turned out that one of my fillings done at a previous dentist was not finished off correctly causing a problem to my tooth, with a little filing it was perfect. Since then I have always used her.

I am someone that thinks it’s important to visit the dentist every six months. However because of my career choice I spend long periods of time in Greece but always book an appointment the moment I get back into the UK. About 3 years ago I was in Greece and broke my tooth so had to see someone in Greece but if I could have got time off work I would have jumped on a plane back to the UK to see Dr Woo.

The dentist practice is exceptionally clean and everyone makes you feel welcome. My friend came to see Dr Woo on my recommendation to have treatment before her wedding and my parents both changed dentist to be with Woodcote Dental Practice, all of them are very happy there and have continued to have regular check ups.

I would recommend anyone who is nervous or needs a dentist to go to this practice.


Never having had a dental implant before, I was impressed with the clarity of the explanation of what the process would be and how long it would take in very clear terms, including what to expect every step of the way. And the price was on a par with general standards (indeed very good value for the quality of service and aftercare provided, it transpired).

The actual surgical procedure was better than I expected. There’s no denying that it takes some time and there is a little pain as it’s quite a major treatment but I have to say that all in all it was comparable with root canal treatment and no worse.

I was surprised with how little residual pain I was left with during the healing stage.  Recovery was pretty quick all things being considered.

I was incredibly pleased with the end result, that looks and feels just like a ‘good’ molar albeit in much better condition than its natural ‘cousins’!

I was unfortunate (and a little daft) in eating some very hard foods that resulted in the composite implant crown shattering.  Dr Woo was exceptionally responsive and sorted out a new replacement at short notice with no charge: superb service.  I stress that the implant is now ‘perfect’ and it many ways puts the rest of my teeth to shame.

I would most certainly recommend the practice to others regarding implant treatment.  The computer aided design process for drilling at the exact right place and depth ensured perfect alignment for the titanium implant and the composite implant crown thereafter.

Additionally, I have had root canal treatment and fillings at the surgery and all issues (including some complicated ones) have been resolved completely.

I have complete faith in Dr Woo and her wider team.  Having travelled extensively for my work and had service from 15 plus dentists or so in my life, I have the most confidence in Dr Woo and her surgery.

Mark • Chief Executive 


At first, I was a nervous wreck but by the end of my treatment, my confidence was back. Dr Woo has done a very good job.

Janet • Retired 

My dental surgeon, Dr Rita Woo has just completed my Invisalign treatment. I am delighted with the result. The process was carefully explained and I have nothing but praise for Dr Woo, for her consideration and professionalism. At no time, have I felt uninformed or uncomfortable. I look forward to her continuing to look after my dental health.

Chris • Teacher 

Dr Rita Woo has been my dentist for 7 years and I have been very happy with her treatment.

Jane • Nurse 

The numbing gel is milder and sweeter, come to dentistry by Rita.

Gina  • Civil Servant 

When you teeth are rotted through, get them yanked out by Dr Rita Woo!!!

Dan • IT Consultant