The wy10 system offers a versatile and state of the art technology to whiten your teeth. In just 2 weeks, a gentle whitening gel produces effective teeth whitening. Most celebrities from the popular TV shows favour this system!

Our dental team can offer you professional teeth whitening. We can provide home whitening systems with custom made trays. The wy10 system was developed by a World leading teeth whitening dentist and scientist. It brings a gentle, safe and effective teeth whitening system to all our patients. You can whiten in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you during the day. The customised tray design is user friendly and effective. It ultimately helps in a reduced level of transient sensitivity, which in some patients, can be experienced during whitening.

Virtually every person wanting to brighten their teeth can benefit from teeth whitening procedures, including those people with severe food, tobacco or tetracycline staining.

Our commitment is to help you achieve your optimum natural whiteness.

Come in for a consultation and let our team help you determine how teeth whitening can help you put the sparkle into your smile.