Beware of these acidic foods in your diet!

Salad dressings

Many shop bought salad dressings have a high acid content. The good news is that pairing them with vegetables like lettuce will neutralize the negative effects they can have on your teeth.


Blackberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes are all good for you fruits but are highly acidic. Although they are harsh on your teeth, that does not mean you should stop eating them. Simply rinse your mouth with water after consumption to neutralize the acid they leave behind on your teeth or consume them within a mealtime.


While wine is one of the more healthy alcohols that can be consumed, it is also acidic. Try to always drink one glass of water for every glass of wine or consume with a meal.

Soft drinks and carbonated drinks

These drinks are highly  acidic and can cause all sorts of problems for the teeth. While you do not have to cut them out  from your diet entirely, reduce the number of fizzy drinks. Keep them as a treat for children and keep it to mealtimes. Avoid sipping on these drinks throughout the day as this is the equivalent of bathing your teeth in acid with every sip.

Fruit juices

Many fruit juices, whether freshly squeezed or shop bought are highly acidic. If you like to have them in the morning for breakfast, you can help neutralize the acidic effects by watering it down. Perhaps try to drink fruit juices at mealtimes.